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Bulk Gas

Tervas Gas can also be supplied in bulk tanks, either above ground or underground – to suit the customer’s needs. If you require a new installation or you want to change from your existing gas supplier, we offer a fast, friendly and efficient switch over service.

Bulk supply with telemetry

This is by far the most convenient and popular option for larger businesses. We’ll install a tank or tanks on your premises. Then we’ll monitor your use remotely, keeping your supply topped up so you don’t need to worry about it.

Above ground tanks

For most customers, an over ground storage tank is ideal for storing their bulk LPG supply. Tervas will undertake a full site survey and pinpoint the most suitable location for your tank, before fitting it on-site.

Underground tanks

In some instances an underground tank may provide a better solution. In such cases, your tank will be buried in an appropriate location, leaving only its small, green inspection hatch visible, so you really will feel like you’re connected to the mains.


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