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Hotel & Catering

LPG from Tervas provides an energy supply that is clean, flexible, and efficient.

Hotels require a reliable source of energy for a variety of different applications, such as central heating, cooking, hot water, swimming pools and air conditioning. LPG is just that – a reliable choice that delivers an energy supply for all your needs, with less risk of power cuts, even in the remotest of areas.

LPG can also help you to impact less on the environment due to the fact that it produces very little CO2, has low Sulphur content and doesn’t produce any air polluting particulates.

In the catering sector LPG is the fuel of choice for those looking for a more easily controlled and cleaner burning fuel. Not only is it an essential ingredient in produce perfectly cooked food but it helps to save money in the process too.

Chefs and hotel professionals choose LPG from Tervas for its:

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