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Tervas supply LPG for a vast array of farming applications in bulk storage tanks – all delivered to your door when you need it, even in the remotest of areas.


Unlike other alternatives such as oil or electricity, heat produced by LPG is moist. This factor is important as it helps towards providing a more stress free environment for chicks. Maintaining the ambient temperature correctly helps to promote faster growth and more even feathering. With LPG, there is also less risk of a power cut or voltage reduction, no fuel residue and no need to replace costly heat lamps.

Dairy farmers

Tervas fuelled instant water heaters deliver an ideal solution for Dairy farmers. Providing a reliable and long lasting hot water supply on demand – an essential factor when it comes to the management of hygiene and control of bacteria count in milk. They also provide the hot water to clean milking lines and bulk storage tanks. And because this water is heated only as or when required, storage costs are a thing of the past.

Grain Drying

LPG from Tervas is the ideal fuel source for grain drying. Crop contamination is minimised as a result of LPGs unique combustion process – reducing the occurrence of water ingress, grin combustion and fuel sediment. This results in less crop wastage, lower maintenance costs, higher efficiency – and lower energy bills!

Across the wider sector LPG is in common use in many areas of Horticulture and in Garden Centres.

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